The Positive Effect of Coastal Georgia Greenway

Walking and cycling trails contribute to lower highway traffic and boost motorists safety through roads featuring shoulder trails. Trails connecting commercial residential and recreational regions offer users additional transportation alternatives. The accessibility of trails allows people from various income levels to change transportation modes from vehicles to other modes of transport that are non-motorized. The reduction of highway congestion resulting from the mode switching has had a significant effect on public expenditure for roadway infrastructure in the Coastal Georgia region. The shoulder bicycle lanes add approximately 3 to 5 feet to the width of the paved roadway surface. This additional surface area enhances motorists safety along the same road by reducing sideswipe motorcycle crashes, run-offs and head-ons.

The Coastal Georgia Greenway has significantly enhanced the value of nearby properties. Properties close to multi-purpose trails usually have a property value premium of about 5% to 10%. A substantial number of homeowners and realtors believe that the establishment of the Coastal Georgia Greenway trail has reduced the amount of time needed to sell a property and enhanced the value of the property tremendously.

The Coastal Georgia Greenway, the 150 miles Georgia part of the East Coast Greenway and its 200 miles of connector trails, offers users an excellent opportunity to exercise and explore the fantastic coastal Georgia habitat and environment. The water, equestrian, bicycle, and pedestrian trails linking Savannah and Saint Marys serve as highly valuable greenway resources for the State, as well as visitors and residents. Since 2015, Coastal Georgia Greenway offers a wide range of perks ranging from there less directly measured improvements in environmental preservation and cleanliness, social fabric, quality of life, and health to the more easily quantified perks in the form of increased values of nearby properties. The Coastal Georgia Greenway also offers its 6 host counties an economic package that has supported numerous jobs for the locals by injecting minions of dollars in the area.